1- Name: Ashleigh Harris
2- Instrument: Drums
3- Date of birth: June 24/1988
4- Fav. color: Black, Blue and Red
5- Fav bands: Simple Plan/Billy Talent/Don't Look Down.
6- Fav. food: Sushi.
7- Fav. movie: SP--A Big Package For You, BT--Scandalous Travelers
8- Fav. TV show: Life As We Know It, Radio Free Roscoe.
9- Fav. boyband: You're so funny!
10- Fav. video game: Dance Dance Revolution
11- Fav. book: The Hidden World--Alison Baird
12- Fav. concert: Simple Plan-Toronto-October 2003
13- Fav. magazine: Revolver, Anything with a picture of SP.
14- Fav. actor / actress: Alison Lohman, Jackie Chan
15- Utlimate place to live: Underground.
16- Guilty pleasure: Playing guitar.
17- Previous day job: Telemarketer.
18- Fav. song: Every Simple Plan song.
19- Fav. superhero: Chuck Comeau. Okay, so he's not 'technically' a superhero, but you get my point.
20- Pets: Marilyn/Manson/Oliver (3 cats)
21- Nicknames: Ash, Ashtabeula, Giggles.

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