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I guess Ashleigh has been abducted by aliens...

Ashleigh first sat behind a drumkit when she was 12. And wow did she suck. But now, four years later, the sounds blasting from the basement actually have some rythm, and even the cats don't always go running. Manson tends to sleep on top of the bass drum when it's not in use, but he's always been a little odd, like his namesake. Ashleigh can also sing while playing drums, but Kayla rarely allows her to have a mic, because she often breaks into Britney Spears songs at strange moments during shows.
Name: Ashleigh Harris
Birthday: June 24th
Instrument: Drums
Gear: Westbury 5-piece, Meteor Cymbals, Vater/Regal Tip Sticks
Fav Colour: Black/Red
Fav Band: Billy Talent/Simple Plan/Avril Lavigne
Fav Food: Shrimp
Fav Concert: Billy Talent @ The Docks (10.08.04) 
Fav Book: Anthem
Fav Magazine: Modern Drummer/AP

Fav Superhero: Captain Canuck ;)
Pets: 3 Cats--Oliver, Marilyn, Manson

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