March 10, 2005
Hey guys, I just noticed that all of the dates on this page said that it was still 2004...which it's not. So I fixed that, and the tour page has been updated. More shows at Absinthe. :) I'll see you there.

January 24, 2005
Hey everyone! We have good news and great news. The good news is that we confirmed the February 12th show. Where is this show? Absinthe (233 King Street East for those of you who haven't been). When? 5pm (If you didn't read the sentence before this, it's February 12th). Why? We're a band...and we play music. Money? $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Buy a ticket from us. You know you want to save 5 bucks. Right? Email for tickets. Or if you have our number, call us. Or if you have our address you could just knock on the door. Anyways, if you don't know us all that well, email is your best bet, because as hard as I try, I just can't read minds. :P
By now you're probably wondering what this great news is. We got a phone call last night from a producer who had heard that we were really good, and he's coming to the show on the 12th. Which is even MORE incentive for you to come and support us!!! So buy a ticket!

January 18, 2005
Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates. There hasn't really been a whole lot going on. We've been having some serious problems with Supernova and booking shows lately, so consider the Jan 22nd and Feb 4th show not happening. We're *hopefully* playing on the 12th at Absinthe, but with what's been happening, I make no promises. We're looking towards booking non-Supernova gigs in the near future, so look forward to those. Another thing to look forward to is me cleaning out and fixing up the site. I know I've been slacking, but I'm putting together a whole new layout for you. Happy? I thought so. Well, I'm out for now. I have a couple of weeks off school coming up, so I'll try to get it all fixed.

Saturday, January 1st, 2005
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe it's 2005 already! FoF had a great 2004, and is looking forward to an even better upcoming year. We've booked two shows already, check the tour page for more info. We can't wait to see you out at a show!

Tuesday.December 14.2004
The show is THIS weekend everyone. So get your act together and buy a ticket! It's only ten bucks. Okay?
FoF may have another girl on guitar. Nikki came over and picked up a guitar for the first time this weekend and blew us away. So she's pretty much in. Once she has her own guitar. ;)

I need to make a correction to the show on the 19th. Doors open at FIVE instead of SIX. So make sure you check that. And then buy a ticket. Please. They make great early Christmas presents! And the show is going to be AMAZING. Really. You must buy your ticket BEFORE noon on the day of the show. So that gives you almost two weeks to find ten bucks. Which isn't really that much to see thirteen awesome bands play at a great place like Absinthe. So you better be there.
Here's the list of other bands playing...
40 Sons And Daughters
A Primetime Tragedy
Acute Equilibrium Disorder
Benny K And The Speak Easys
Cetrimonium Chloride
In All Honesty
Internal Damnation
Liquid Eve
Low Frequency
Public Distruction


Brand spanking new layout. That Ash actually designed herself. *grins happily* She's been watching Simple Plan tapes all night, and is a bit tired out. FoF has a few new songs. They're going to rock your socks off. As usual. So everybody needs to come to the show on the 19th. In case nobody bothers to check the tour page, it's at Absinthe in Hamilton, the show's called Jinglebell Rawk. Doors open at 6PM, and tickets are only $10 for a full night of music from bands all over the city. We want some serious support at this show. And all the buses from up the mountain and the creek go within a block of the club. So no excuses. Make it a Christmas present to the band! They'll love you forever. You can buy advance tickets right now from us, and if you do, you'll get the real thing in a couple of weeks once we have them. I promise you it will be a kick ass show. The girls are recording a demo before Christmas, and will be going off to RAC to deliver a press pack to the good people there. Hopefully we'll then be able to get a GREAT demo, and contact Warner. *grins again* AND...Freedom On Fire is seriously looking into playing Warped Tour '07. And it's going to happen. Really. I guarantee it.


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