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Oh. That sucks. You can't see Kayla. :(

Kayla has been singing for as long as anyone who knows her can remember. She has won several competitions, and amazed many people when she sat on a stool with an acoustic guitar in a middle school gym and belted out one of her original songs. Kayla first picked up a guitar when she was eleven, and learned Wild Thing in less than 15 minutes.
Name: Kayla Harris aka Kiki
Birthday: January 8th
Instrument: Guitar/Vocals
Gear: Fender Squire Strat Electric Guitar,Peavey Amp.
Fav Colour: Red (Black)
Fav Band: Manson, Simple Plan, Billy Talent, Avril
Fav Food: Premium Crackers :) (Lasagna)
Fav Concert: Avril Lavigne-Nov.4/2004 OR Simple Plan-Dec. 8/2004
Fav Book: The Hobbit
Fav Magazine: Tigerbeat
Fav Superhero:Spiderman-How I'd like to get caught in his web ;)
OR Catwoman :D
Pets:Marilyn, Manson,  and Oliver
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Girls just wanna have fun (with Sparrow)

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