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April 9, 2005
Posted by Ash
Hey guys. Like the new layout? Yes, I'm too lazy to actually make and maintain one so I've bowed down to the Tripod webmasters again. Until I can convince a certain someone to design a site for us anyways. *looks over at Kate* Well, with a new layout comes new band members and new content, so at least you can look forward to that. The show on the 22nd is going to be HUGE. Twelve bands in four hours. It has to be four hours. It starts at six, and Crocodile Myle is supposedly playing at ten. This show is at (you guessed it) Absinthe. Tickets are $10 from me or Kayla or Ryan. Or you can put the 'duh' in dumb and pay $15 at the door. Whatever. Buy them from us. We're playing with... AED, Harm, Lacerated Sky, Lufer, Makeshift Policy, Nil, No Measure, Resisting Rage, STD, Stratus, and The Modus. Absinthe is at 233 King Street East. I can give you directions from anywhere. There /may/ be an after party at my house. I'm still locked in debate with the parental unit over this one. I won't have tickets until Tuesday night, but if you could let me know before then whether or not you can come, that would be great. You have until (probably) 3pm on the 22nd to buy tickets. It's ten bucks people. That's a lot of music for ten bucks. Think about it. If the digicam ever starts cooperating, I'll put up some new pictures. Oops, I have to go switch the laundry over before Mum gets back.
See you on the flip side.

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